CNN Tried To Embarrass Priebus-Immediately REGRETS IT! WATCH!

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Wolf Blitzer, one of the clowns at CNN Fake News begged Reince Priebus to interview after his resignation as Chief of Staff. Priebus agreed, however CNN was surely let down. (VIDEO BELOW)

CNN kept using biased narratives, gotcha questions, and trying to bait Priebus, but he did NOT take the lure or get sucked into their trap. Reince has class, and didn’t bad mouth President Trump like they were hoping for. (VIDEO BELOW)

Priebus explained that President Trump has a right to change directions, hit a reset button for the White House, and he is fully on board with the President’s agenda, and behind him 100%. (VIDEO BELOW)

As Wolf kept pushing to find out if there was any dirt or what was said behind closed doors, Priebus immediately shut him down saying:

“i’m not going to get into that personal stuff. the President is a professional, and i’m a professional, and professional people don’t discuss private matters and conversations in public!” reince priebus

Sorry to ruin your day CNN; you can’t bait someone with polish and class. Just shows you are still FAKE NEWS. Watch the interview below as Wolf get his a$$ handed to him. Grab the popcorn. (VIDEO BELOW)



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