CNN Reporter Asks If Trump’s To Blame For Pittsburg, Israeli Ambassador Silences Him With Epic Answer


Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer just set the media straight about Trump’s role in the Pittsburg tragedy. It is a shame we even have to address the topic of Trump’s culpability but such is the media climate today.

President Donald Trump did come out with a forceful condemnation of anti-Semitism after the synagogue shooting, not that the media paid it much mind.

It must be said of course that the media did not blame or even try to blame Bernie Sanders or Pelosi when that shooter tried to kill half of the GOP house members. The lunatic almost got Steve Scalise and the media never treated Bernie or Chuck and Nancy as they are treating Trump. Sure Trump’s rhetoric is stronger but they use plenty of their own to demonize conservatives.

CNN’s Victor Blackwell actually asked this question of Dermer live on air: “Let’s get you to wade into the conversation that’s been happening since this happened yesterday about the president and responsibility…

“…Now the only person responsible here is the man who pulled the trigger … to what degree do you believe, as some of the president’s critics have said, that he is responsible for the environment that would have fed some of what we’re seeing?”

Big mistake trying to blame Trump and Derner silenced the man with a brutal history lesson:

“I have to tell you, Victor, I’ve been following anti-Semitism all of my adult life. I have never heard a stronger statement than the statement the president of the United States made yesterday,” Dermer answered to devastating effect.

“One of the reasons why anti-Semitism hits the president close to home; his family — his daughter and his son-in-law, his grandchildren — are Jewish…

I was very glad to see how forcefully he pushed back against that yesterday and I know he’s not alone.”


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