BREAKING: Top Hillary Aide Huma Abedin sent TOP SECRET Info to Yahoo Hackers


I’m sure most American’s are familiar with the ties between Hillary Clinton and sleazeball pedophile Anthony Weiner via her top assistant (and possibly lover) Huma Abedin who happens to be married to the sociopathic cretin.  Well now thanks to creative and observant social media guru (Evil Hillary) anyone with a brain and a little creative imagination can follow the possible PROBABLE chain off events….so enjoy the video and keep plugging for Donald Trump, the only chance America has left!



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To the dishonest liberal media this is just a bunch of nonsense right?   You be the judge.  Most of us aren’t stupid sheep ready to be slaughtered!  Gross right! Good we made you think.  Donald Trump is laughing but not at this corruption.  He’s laughing at how stupid Hillary and company are (arrogant is a better word) to think that the people will NEVER catch on.  PROVE THEM WRONG BY SHARING THIS NOW AND BY VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP ON NOVEMBER 8th!!


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