BREAKING! Activists Are Planning To Do This Sick Thing At Trump’s Inauguration!

Image Source: The Political Insider

As reported earlier, a new release of undercover videos by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, has been disclosed, with terrorists plotting potential terrorist attacks at the inauguration. The first video shows activists discussing a plan to disrupt the “DeploraBall,” with a stink bomb made of butyric acid, while the second, and third videos shows plans to stop the D.C. Metro using chains. SICK! (VIDEOS BELOW)

Dismissing the Project Veritas videos, Legba Carrefour of DisruptJ20 told U.S. News that the blockade it had planned was scaled back “in response to recently identified official road closings” and added that “the amount of chaos” described in the videos was being “intentionally overstated” to whip up a panic and convince people to stay home.

The organizer of the DeploraBall, for one, is taking the threat in the video very seriously.

DisruptJ20 still is taking credit for many of the street closures in D.C. and can explain why its plans have been scaled back. “The reason a lot of our plans are pared down is that stuff we wanted to blockade is already being shut down,” Carrefour told U.S. News.

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THIS IS SICK FOLKS! Thank you James O’Keefe for going undercover and disclosing this shocking information. Share this insane, tragic information with anyone you know who is planning on going to the inauguration. There are sick people out there and will do anything to stop Donald Trump. Please be careful and watch yourself and your friends, if you are attending.

These sick asshats need to be locked up! Share these undercover videos, because the media is NOT exposing it. We must help TRUMP! God bless America and Donald J. Trump.

Please pray for the safety of all Americans during the inauguration and Mr. Trump. See below for our prayer chain article. 🙂


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A Prayer for the Safety of Donald Trump and Family: Please READ, PRAY and SHARE this. Let’s get this out to 10,000,000 people. Thank You Prayer Warriors! God Bless!!



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