BOOM! Trump supporters HIT BACK Hard after Starbuck’s CEO (VIDEO) “uses” Terrorism Threat to Profit!


Give me a break!  (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Over the weekend, President Donald J. Trump implemented a temporary immigration ban, only 120 days, from seven countries.  Contrary to what the lying liberal media outlets have reported, Trump’s team did not even come up with this list and in is not a “Muslin ban”. This seven country list was established by Obama’s team in 2015 under the Terrorist Prevention Act.  Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban is based of region, specifically by country, and is not a “Muslim ban”.


Unfortunately many people believe everything the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) writes and now several large corporations are using this manufactured decisiveness to try to make a profit.  Rather than race-baiting,I guess we could call this religion-baiting.


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has made a big announcement saying he is going to hire 10,000 refugees because he has a “heavy heart”  over President Trumps temporary immigration ban from seven countries.  Heavy heart my ass, it’s called opportunism.  Schultz is now the Al Sharpton of religion-baiting.


We have no problem with Starbuck’s give jobs to properly vetted, legal immigrants. That is just great, but we we do wonder how the 10,000 young American’s who cannot get those jobs will feel about it if it every actually happens.

Here is Mr. Schultz’s religion-baiting propaganda video.  Please enjoy the video then join us in boycotting Starbuck’s across this great land.    (source: Bloomberg)



If you have to stop for a cup of coffee on your way to work, we suggest that you support your local coffee house in your community.  Do not go to Starbuck’s.  Dunkin Doughnuts has much better coffee anyway.  Thank you!  🙂 

Powe Taylor

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