BOOM! Maxine Waters LIES about Trump AGAIN! Immediately REGRETS IT

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Delusional, anti-Trumper, Maxine Waters, is undeniably taking her loony meds. She now is DENYING ever having called for Donald Trump’s impeachment. What? LOL! The Dems are a bunch of habitual liars. Rule of thumb: to be in any seat in the democrat party, you must be a frequent liar. Let’s recap. Last weekend Maxine led a crowd of sheeple in a chant saying “Impeach 45!” Yes, that happened. Video at the end.  (VIDEO BELOW) 

Following Queen Dingbat’s weekend of bashing President Trump, Maxine interviewed on Tuesday with MSNBC, and shde was immediately drilled about a tweet she posted earlier in the day, saying that she was going to fight “everyday until [Trump’s] impeached.”

“I have not called for impeachment!”  Maxine Waters

Maxine was caught lying red handed and immediately regrets it. Watch the clip below.


“Should we wait to call for impeachment until we have the answers to…some of the questions?” Melvin asked Waters.

“I have not called for impeachment, Waters insisted, despite evidence to the contrary.

“Here’s what I’ve said. I’ve said that we need the information, we need to connect the dots, we need the facts in order to do the impeachment. And I’m going to work every day to try and help get those facts and to reveal them…to our public until, of course, impeachment has taken place.” 

What is SHE smoking? Too much cocoa puffs.

It’s time to cut the cord and retire Maxine; your days are coming to a screeching end. You and Pelosi both, need to be checked into a loony bin immediately. The damn Russians didn’t hack the election; get over it, TRUMP is YOUR PRESIDENT! If you missed the impeach 45 chant, watch below.



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