BOOM!! Maxine provides CONCLUSIVE Evidence! Look what PUTIN Did! He’s an evil genius!

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Poverty Pimp Maxine Waters has lost her complete and utter mind. She is off the handle with her impeachment theories. Her obsession with President Trump is becoming a joke. (VIDEO BELOW)

If you didn’t think she was crazy before, wait until you hear what she says in the video below. Mad Max’s theory she is pushing will have you rolling on the floor laughing. She’s insisting the evidence of Russian collusion with Trump is that Putin invented the phrases “lock her up” and “Crooked Hillary. LOL! (VIDEO BELOW)

While being interviewed on Fake News MSNBC, the anchor asking her questions is looking at her like a complete fool. The look on his face is priceless. He tries to point out obvious reasons that one may find evidence to impeach upon, but Mad Max has her own theories of why President Trump should be impeached. This is insanely funny and one for the books! (VIDEO BELOW)

Time to vote this clown out office. This woman has to go!



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