BOOM! Ivanka Trump Just Got The BEST News Today After Companies Dropping Her Brand!

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The first daughter, Ivanka Trump, has seen her share of mean and rudeness the last week from liberal companies caving, and dropping her brand left and right. Ivanka has become a popular target of activists encouraging people to boycott retailers selling her products. However, America is fighting back and boycotting the companies banning Ivanka Trump’s brand. (See companies below) 

President Donald Trump weighed in, saying Nordstrom’s treatment of his daughter is “unfair.”

Here’s a list of the companies that have dropped Ivanka Trump’s fashion line so far. 

  1. Nordstrom

  2. Neiman Marcus


  4. Belk

  5. Jet

  6. ShopStyle

  7. Gilt

  8. Burlington 

When companies cave, what happens? Their sales drop. When are they going to learn? The good news for Ivanka is that most of America stands with President Trump and the First Daughter. So, interestingly, big news for Ivanka, people are boycotting these companies and standing up for her. Guess who’s perfume is number one on Amazon? If you guessed Ivanka, you’re right!

Image Source: Amazon

Here is the LINK to Amazon to check out the perfume. 🙂

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LIBERALS PLAY GAMES? WE KEEP WINNING! Ladies, for $30… you can’t go wrong! Support our first daughter. And men, buy your sweetie some of this fabulous perfume. You’ll be sure to win her over. 🙂

Click here to see a video of true patriots canceling their Nordstrom accounts!

Show some love for Ivanka, and share this with everyone. Let’s help the First Daughter by keeping up fight against the loony liberals! 🙂

(H/T Business Insider)


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