Black Trump Supporters Expose Al Sharpton As Total Fraud With One Sentence


Al Sharpton went low and ripped President Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit calling it “shameful.” He went on to call these fine young Americans props for President Trump as if they have no minds of their own.

It was a shameful display by Sharpton which proves these young black leaders point about the entire democratic party with devastating efficiency.

They claim the Democrats want drones who do as they are told and who will not think for themselves and in that they are not wrong. (Watch the video below)

“They’re in there talking about ‘CNN sucks,’ they’re in there talking about ‘build a wall.’ So why do you need a young black summit to do it?” Sharpton said. “Because it was not a summit. It was a Make America Great [Again] rally. They used some young blacks as props, which really is an insult to them.

Brandon Tatum, of Turning Point USA, one the event organizers was not happy with the Reverend Al and said it was a “special” and “historic” four-day event.

“Four hundred black leaders from all over the country able to be in the White House and hear from the president,” Tatum said. “This was a great thing. And anybody who would counter that and have a problem with that, that person is not a respectful person to the African-American people, the African-American youth. And they should all be ashamed of themselves.” (Watch Video Below)

But it was Mark Lutchman, another brave new leader in the African American community who had the line of the night, why am I expected to hate my police and my president? Instead, he had  a message for Al:

“We have the best police, the best president, and the best country in the whole world.”

Look, as Trump famously said to millions of forgotten Americans of all races and of all income brackets – if you are satisfied with the status quo what do you have to lose? The point is that many people have been left behind by establishment policies that treated us as afterthoughts. No more, we have spoken and we want a seat at the table, just like these young black men do and for that Sharpton rips them?


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