Bill O’Reilly Discovers Easy Way To Silence Alec Baldwin And Embarrass Michael Moore


Bill O’Reilly does not suffer liberal fools like Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore. Look, these guys are one trick ponies and that is a disaster in today’s hyper-competitive media enviornment.,

Adapt or die as they say or at least get new material. Bill wrote:

Alec Baldwin’s first Sunday night program on ABC was a ratings disaster. In fact, it was the lowest rated show in the key demographic among all network programming that night.

I didn’t see it but I read a transcript of the chat between Baldwin and Robert DeNiro. They both agreed that President Trump is bad. They brought up The Apprentice. Their chat was predictable and I learned nothing but the two men are progressive fanatics. Which, of course, I already knew.

Baldwin’s low ratings follow on the heels of Michael Moore’s anti-Trump movie being pulled from many theaters because few showed up to see it.

In the successful film Godfather II, ironically featuring Robert DeNiro, a gangster named Hyman Roth asks Michael Corleone about a pro Castro fighter blowing himself up in order to kill a Cuban officer: “what does that tell you, Michael?”

Well, the Baldwin-Moore disasters tell me that Americans have had enough Trump bashing. It’s boring. And CNN’s sinking ratings testify to that as well. If the far left continues the frenzied madness, it will blow itself up.



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