Bette Midler Crosses Line With Melania Trump Insult: “She still can’t speak English”


Hollywood hot shot Bette Midler crossed the line with a new attack on Melania Trump and exposed the left to a massive charge of hypocrisy.

“My deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one and my prayers are with those who are ill or suffering. I know many people are anxious and some feel helpless. I want you to know you are not alone,” Melania said in her big speech last night.

“I’m here because we need my husband to be our president and commander in chief for four more years. He is what is best for our country,” she said.

“I don’t want to use this precious time attacking the other side,” she said, “because as we saw last week that kind of talk only serves to divide the country further.”

“In my husband, you have a president who will not stop fighting for you and your families. I see how hard he works, each day and night,” she said.

“And despite the unprecedented attacks from the media and opposition. He will not give up. In fact, if you tell him it cannot be done, he just works harder.”

Enter Bette Midler:

“Oh, God. She still can’t speak English,” Better Midler tweeted during the speech.

She wrote in another: “#beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

Midler also got nasty: “You are one lucky Slovenian! And after all that surgery, you hit a kind of horrible jackpot, chained to a colossal idiot.”

“I’m surprised Trump wants to destroy the #PostOffice.  He got all his wives from it,” she said.

“Xenophobe who speaks one language mocks immigrant who can speak five,” radio host Dana Loesch reacted.

“The party of diversity mocks an American for her accent…” actor James Woods tweeted.


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