Ben Sasse Rips Sean Hannity In New Book, Hannity Hits Back Hard And Gets Last Laugh


Ben Sasse has a new book out and he is going after…Sean Hannity? What did Sean ever do to you, Ben?

Apparently Ben thinks Sean is a fraud and a conman and the root cause of all evil in today’s media-obsessed America.

With friends like these, huh Sean? As reported by The Daily Beast:

“Hannity tells a lot of angry, isolated people what they want to hear,” Sasse wrote. “And he has the delivery down to an art form. We’d all be better off, as would our communities, if we understood the game he and his colleagues—on both sides of the spectrum—are playing.”

He also knocked Hannity for politicizing the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last year, pointing out that the Fox News host never corrected a broadcast in which he cited a fake Twitter account to claim the social-media site’s users were overwhelmingly cheering on the possibility that mainly Trump supporters were killed at the country-music festival.

“Having given his millions of viewers the impression that Trump supporters were killed and that liberals cheered it, he moved on,” Sasse said. “It was a grotesque distortion of reality. It was, quite literally, fake news.”

Sasse also dished on several conversations he had about Hannity with Fox News employees and his fellow senators.

One of his fellow lawmakers, Sasse wrote, described Hannity’s programming as “‘Hey-can-you-believe-this- shit?!’ messaging.” The senator recalled how an unnamed Fox News personality told him that “Hannity hasn’t been a conservative in years,” and that the Fox star “figured out long ago that teaching and defending conservatism is both harder and less effective than just hitting some crazy liberal.”

When reached for a response by The Daily Beast, Hannity said,

“Unfortunately, I went to bat for Ben Sasse, who has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today. He totally conned me like he conned the people of Nebraska.”


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