BEAT DOWN In Huck-Town! Sarah Just Made Reporters Cry Like a BABY! SheTakes NO Prisoners!

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Awwww snap! Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is back with a big, bad can of WHOOP A** for the insidious crooked liberal media. (SEE 3 VIDEOS BELOW)

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was the BEST choice to take on the crooked liberal media today, following the release a breaking bombshell video by Project Veritas, (SEE 3 VIDEOS BELOW) exposing an undercover reporter from CNN’s Supervising Producer, who admitted that most of the “news” they put out about the Trump-Russia collusion is mostly bulls**t! CNN pushes bogus Trump-Russia ruse for RATINGS!

**Today, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas released a BOMBSHELL video where reporters went undercover at CNN to investigate the VERY FAKE NEWS network. O’Keefe said their intent in making the video was to determine the motivation behind CNN’s Trump-Russia collusion obsession. Since the inauguration, CNN has mentioned “Russian story” nearly 16,000 TIMES FOR RATINGS. (SEE 3 VIDEOS BELOW)

During her press conference today, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders encouraged the room full of “reporters” to watch the Project Veritas video that exposes CNN as fake news for ratings. She also noted that while she couldn’t confirm the accuracy of the tape, that every American should watch the video. Sarah was on point when she said:

“If the tape is accurate, then it is a disgrace to all of media…to all of journalism.”  And furthermore, “If the media can’t be trusted to report the news, then that is a danger to all of America.”


The press is not interested in real news; just a series of gotcha questions that Sarah rejects with an accurate comeback! She got the big paddle out today and leaves the reporters asses hurting! Watch the MIC DROP! We love how cool and smooth she smacks those smug and annoying reporters down. (SEE 3 VIDEOS BELOW)

The next video shows spoiled White House reporter, Brian Karem, screaming at Sarah trying to embarrass her, but she stands her ground and doesn’t take any punches. Sara is quick and smart. (SEE 2 VIDEOS BELOW)

“I disagree completely. First of all, I think if anything has been inflamed, it’s the dishonesty that often takes place by the news media. And I think it’s outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when I was simply trying to respond to his question.”

The next video is the Project Veritas video released today. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

(h/t 100 Percent Fed Up)



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