After Bashing Trump All Year, CNN Gets Spanked By Middle America

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It isn’t easy being the best – people are always gunning for you.  Fox News knows this almost as much as President Trump.

The left will stop at nothing to take down Fox News and stop Trump’s agenda.

It is as simple as that and the collusion between the media and the left and the advertisers led to a anti-Fox News hysteria.

We watched, first saddened and then angry as Fox News caved to their new liberal overlords (Rupert Murdoch’s sons).

The fired Bill O’Reilly, screwed over Eric Bolling, kicked Roger Ailes to the curb at the same time losing a bidding war for Megyn Kelly.

They got lucky on that one because Megyn is stinking up the joint at NBC. First, she lost her Sunday show and now her daily debacle is hanging by a thread.

Many Fox viewers were turned off by the shenanigans of the executive suite and who can blame them?

MSNBC and the left, especially Rachel Maddow, gloated as they saw their numbers go up during the chaos caused by the revolving anchor chair at Fox.

But it appears they gloated too soon. Because Fox News just got an early Christmas present from real America.

According to new year-end ratings reported by the liberal site the Huffington Post, Fox News – despite all their adversity- finished the year in first place in every category.

They just crushed CNN and MSNBC to a pulp.

Think about that – losing top stars, losing the boss, and still kicking the liberal’s behinds.

“In overall viewers in the year to date, Fox News bested MSNBC by 39 percentage points, and CNN by 78 percentage points. With respect to the overall 25-54 demographic, CNN and MSNBC were tied at 370,000 viewers, and Fox News surpassed them by 27 percentage points, with 488,000 viewers.”

A shellacking if ever there was. 78 points higher than last place CNN is a Christmas present Trump can love.

Like Trump, Fox News just gets stronger in the face of adversity and that is what truly separates the left from the right in this country.

Don’t you agree?


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