After Bashing Trump All Night, Grammy Ratings Just Came In And Hollywood’s Humiliated

Source: YouTube

The Grammy’s were held in Madison Square Garden last night and they bombed big time. First, they humiliated their favorite politician Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s performance was bad on so many levels but mainly it was not funny and not entertaining.

There were numerous better quotes she could have read from Wolff’s book that may have been funny and may have shown her to finally be humble and accepting of her epic loss.

But no, Hillary was all sour grapes and thus the tone was set for another debacle.

The Grammy’s had few surprise winners in out politically overcorrect society and the performances all fell flat.

That’s what happens when you mumble into a microphone some preachy statement U2.

As the Trump bashing continued apace the event turned into a real snoozefest that the hopelessly oblivious Hollywood crowd cheered on assuming the rest of America was watching with rapt attention.

We were not.

In fact, middle America has spoken and we delivered a fatal blow to the egos of Holywood.

The ratings are in for this year’s show and, according to the Hollywood reported, it was a bloodbath.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The CBS telecast is down a steep 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers, potentially spelling an all-time low. The show, which ran a bloated three-and-a-half hours, was off an unfortunate 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers. Overnight returns from Nielsen Media give it a 12.7 rating among households — marking its biggest drop since 2013, the year after the show swelled following the death of Whitney Houston.


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