Bam!! UGLY LIBERAL BLACKLIST Be Damned! Nicole Kidman just received the BIGGEST NEWS of the year!


Liberal Hollywood is just like a giant herd of SHEEP. Really stupid sheep. My apologies to sheep. Not so long ago, if a Hollywood star was a homosexual, he or she would have to hide it, and pretend to be something they were not. In today’s Hollywood, it is taboo to have a brain or common sense. If you don’t believe, or pretend to believe the far left, liberal loonies concerning Donald Trump and his supporters, then you are labeled a charlatan by Hollywood. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

There are many Hollywood stars who know Donald Trump personally, and know full well he is NOT racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Islamophobic. He is portrayed to be by the crooked liberal media! However, if they want to work in Hollywood, they must use their “acting” skills to act like they believe President Trump is all of these things.


There is a very small group of Hollywood actors who have either shown the courage to tell the truth and fully support Trump, or at least embraced Donald J. Trump as our new president, and say “Hey let’s give our new president the benefit of the doubt, and show him some support.” Nicole Kidman is in the latter group.   Watch this…


As you can see from that clip, Ms. Kidman is not really a Donald Trump supporter as much as she is a good American, who will support her new president, and at least give him a chance to show America what he can do. Well, as it turns out, even that is simply unacceptable to the Libtards out in Hollywood. There are several new reports out of Hollywood quoting inside sources that say liberal Hollywood is actually trying to “blacklist” Nicole Kidman for that ONE statement showing a little support for new president. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

(Source: The Goldwater)

Here’s the great news folks! Today, despite possibly being ostracized by the Hollywood libtard losers, Nicole Kidman was nominated for an Academy Award  for Best Supporting Actress!  She was nominated for her role in the movie “Fences.” This is her 4th Academy Award nomination. Here is her competition:

Actress in a supporting role

  • Viola Davis, “Fences” 

  • Naomie Harris, “Moonlight” 

  • Nicole Kidman, “Lion”

  • Octavia Spencer, “Hidden Figures”

  • Michelle Williams, “Manchester by the Sea” 

We, at TD Newswire, really hope Ms. Kidman wins! We doubt she will mention Donald Trump in her speech though, but we understand!  🙂

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