EPIC! RINO Hunter Rush just Opened Can Of WHOOP A$$ on John McCain.

Swamp Drain

WOW! How did Rush Limbaugh just spank John McCNN?

On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh — the nation’s most popular radio host — called out John McCain for refusing to say whether he knew he was handing a Clinton-funded Russia dossier to the FBI.

At one point, Limbaugh even did a less-than-flattering impression of McCain, saying: “I didn’t know who paid for it. I thought it was real. ‘Cause Trump’s a reprobate. Everybody knows it. Urinating on beds? Yeah, I can buy it. So, yeah, I passed it on.”

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This is of course especially ironic given that McCain, during his failed runs for President in 2008, liked to refer to himself as “The Straight Talk Express” … even giving his campaign bus that name!

At one point during the segment, Limbaugh said the following:

McCain heard about it and he’s got an unrelenting hatred, a personal hatred for Trump. So he heard about this. You know the story. He was so excited to get it, he sent somebody overseas. He dispatched somebody on an airline: Go over there and get this damn thing and bring it back to me. And he did. And he gave it to Comey. But it was already widely known by everybody involved.

Now, the question that he’s being asked, “Did you know that this was effectively made up and paid for by Hillary Clinton?” And McCain will not say. In fact, last week McCain denied providing the dossier to BuzzFeed, said he only gave it to the FBI. “I gave it to no one except to the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain told The Daily Caller. I hope he’s asked about this every day. I hope he’s asked, “What did you know and when did you know it?”

Limbaugh being critical of McCain in a way the liberal media refuses to do is not that new a phenomenon:

In mid-October, Limbaugh had an extended segment detailing McCain as basicalally the embodiment of the “D.C. Swamp”:

And, for what it’s worth, back in January, Limbaugh was highly critical of McCain’s role in promoting the “dossier”:

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