Whatever … “Post-Employed,” Talent-Challenged Chelsea Handler Unhinges Up About Fox News

"[T]he fact Rupert Murdoch and Trump are being allowed to rip this country apart?" Seriously? And it's "PRESIDENT Trump," hag!

Courtesy Asa Mathat/ Fortune-MPW

At the risk of raising the fairly obvious question “Why should anyone anywhere care what Chelsea Handler thinks?” the never-was-funny “comedian,” who currently has the same “employer” as Colin Kaepernick, Hillary Clinton and Keith Olbermann, tweeted unhingedly Monday about Fox News.

Here’s what she tweeted:

That topic? Really breaking new ground there, Chelsea, right?!? What a Lenny Bruce, speaking “truth to power”!

Also noteworthy is what a grammatical/ punctuation/ style disaster what she wrote was.

– The comma between “threat to American democracy” and “and the ‘coup'” is misplaced.

– Even assuming that “Rupert Murdoch” and “Trump” are “being allowed to rip this country apart,” Handler does not mention who is doing the “allowing.”

– In terms of “the ‘coup’ that they keep perpetuating,” the use of “keep” is redundant with “perpetuating.”

– Oh yeah, it’s “PRESIDENT Trump,” hag.

And so on…

Yes, other Twitter users let Handler have it:

And last but not least, great company Handler seems to have kept through the years:


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