After Losing 32 out of 34, NFL’s Fist-Raising Kneelers Go To London To Raise Fists and Go for 33 out of 35..

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Four Sundays ago, members of the Cleveland Browns uniquely distinguished themselves from the other 31 NFL teams in terms of a display of disrespect for veterans and the American flag … so widespread in the NFL today.

On that day, a number of Browns, during the playing of the National Anthem at their home game against the previously winless Cincinnati Bengals, gave a “black power salute.”

Source of image: YouTube

Source of image: YouTube

The Browns ended up losing that game, 31-7. But that is nothing unusual. In fact, the Browns have an 0-7 record this season.

Actually, it’s so much worse than that: Combined with their 1-15 performance last year and their 1-10 finish to the 2015 season, they are now 2-32 over their last 34 games.

This is a far cry from the other Cleveland professional sports franchises. Baseball’s Cleveland Indians, although they lost in the Divisional Round of the American playoffs, finished the season 102-60, including, late in the season, a record-setting 22-game winning streak. A far cry as well from the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, who have made it to the NBA Championship the last three seasons, winning it in 2016.

On Sunday, the Browns play in one of the NFL’s several annual games in New Karachi (formerly “London”) against the NFC North-leading Minnesota Vikings. It seems likely — unless jet lag is some sort of equalizer — that the Browns will make it to 0-8/2-33.

Athlon Life & Sports, in its preview of the game, certainly expects another Browns loss:

I mean let’s be honest here… Minnesota is going to win this game, the question is by how much. It might be close early as both teams get used to the field and their surroundings, but ultimately talent wins out. The shame of it here for Cleveland is that they could have had Deshaun Watson or Carson Wentz under center, instead of DeShone Kizer. I think we get a low-scoring affair and even in metric numbers, it all adds up to another loss for the Browns.

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