Cher BLASTS President Trump after Manafort Arrest, INSTANTLY REGRETS IT!

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Manafort Arrest: Cher Blasts Trump

It probably isn’t all that consequential in terms of how the matter ultimately plays out, but, for what it’s worth, singer/ actress/ leftist whackjob Cher appears to be very excited by the news that Paul Manafort and his business partner/protege Rick Gates turned themselves in to federal authorities due to charges related to their long-before-working-for-the-Trump-Presidential-campaign association with the Podesta brothers.

Cher, over 28 years ago. Image source: Screenshot from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video.

Monday morning, Cher expressed herself on Twitter using ALL-CAPS and an emoji: “WHY DO ALL“TRUMP”ROADS LEAD TO RUSSIA”
The emoji and use of ALL-CAPS are self-explanatory enough, but it is not clear why the singer of “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” used quotation marks around the President’s name.

Some of the reaction on Twitter was other than approving of Cher, and there was even a little bit of concern for Cher’s mental health, probably not the first time that has been the case:

On the other hand, some were titillated by Cher’s effort, e.g. Ryan Kendall (@rmk2145), who responded to the tweet with: “And why do ALL @cher roads lead to FABULOUS?”, Immediatelty


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