After Franken Accuses Sessions of Collusion, WATCH Sessions Open A Can Of WHOOP A$$!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just took former alleged “comic” Al Franken took the woodshed in response to his rudeness, pushiness, and obsession with the false Russia narrative. (VIDEO BELOW)

Al Franken (on right), in a screenshot from the movie Trading Places

As the Houston Chronicle reported:

In a testy exchange, Franken confronted Sessions about his testimony in January, in which he said he had no communications with Russians. Sessions later had to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s investigation of Trump campaign ties to Russia after it was revealed he had conversations with the ambassador. Franken says his explanations of those interactions continue to change. (VIDEO BELOW)

But Sessions, visibly frustrated and voice rising, called Franken’s line of questioning unfair. He says he answered the question as a surrogate of the Trump campaign. Sessions says he may have discussed Trump’s campaign positions with the ambassador but insists he did not have a continuing exchange of information with him. 


**The Twitterverse had the Attorney General’s back, lauding his takedown:


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