After Memo Release, Tom Fitton Comes Forward EXPOSING Mueller & Calling To SHUT IT DOWN

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Tom Fitton President of Judicial Watch, broke his silence immediately after the release of the Nunes memo, and what he said is important. He has supported the release of the FISA memo from the beginning.

Look, sunlight is the best disinfectant and we need more, not less, of it in DC. (VIDEO BELOW)

We must protect national security interests and we must not condemn the FBI and DOJ, but asking questions of our leaders is the foundation of our democracy.

In an interview, Fitton said on Fox News:

“It would be difficult to overstate the revelations of the importance in this memo. Not only in terms of the corruption in the Obama administration, but the devastating blow it strikes at the Mueller investigation.”

Fitton explained that the Obama Justice Department took their best shot with the FISA court using a Clinton campaign document, to run the narrative that there was Russia collusion, so in turn they could require surveillance against a Trump campaign official or volunteer. (VIDEO BELOW)

There was nothing there but the phony dossier paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign funds. Fitton added that it means there is NO Mueller investigation(VIDEO BELOW)

There’s no Mueller investigation without the dossier paid for by Clinton and DNC funds – so the whole thing is subject to really, I think, being called off now by The Justice Dept, if they’re brave enough, based on these disclosures today,” said Fitton.

While many are trying to give “innocent explanations” about the information in the memo, Fitton wonders, “If they were so innocent why did the FBI and Justice Department steadfastly object and stonewall Congressional requests, Judicial Watch requests for information about the dossier?” 


Fitton added that everyone learned today that the FBI authorized a payment to the Clinton campaign vendor: Steel. Alegedly Christopher Steel was cut off, but the FBI still wanted his information. In turn they used a cutout, Bruce Ohr, who used his wife to funnel information improperly.

It was also noted in the memo that FOUR times they misled the court.

Fitton asked, “When did Mueller know that the dossier, the basis for the Russian collusion narrative and the fundamental basis for this investigation..what did he know, and when did he know about the Clinton involvement in his investigation?”

He added that the politicians in Washington D.C. are protective of Mr. Mueller, and Donald Trump seems like he understands what Mueller is about at this point.

Additionally, Fitton praised Devin Nunes and President Trump for standing fast against the “DEEP STATE” who opposed the release of the memo in a self interested way, to protect the Mueller investigation.

Furthermore, Fitton called out the DOJ and the FBI saying they have zero credibility in any objections they have now or in the future, in releasing the information about their conduct, with respect to the Russian collusion investigation and their investigation to Donald Trump. (VIDEO BELOW)

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