After Shameless Reporter Blames Trump for School Shootings, Sarah UNLOADS Like NEVER BEFORE.


TOO MUCH!?!? Should this little NBC Schmuck have his White House press credentials taken away for this? Enough is enough!

There’s nothing funny about trying to imply that President Trump is in any way responsible for, or negligent in preventing, recent school shootings! The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) has been become downright despicable.


On Wednesday, I believe NBC’s Peter Alexander crossed the line. Three separate times, Alexander tries bait Sarah Huckabee Sanders and imply the President has done something wrong.

The first two times, Sarah took his BS in stride and gave great, pertinent answers.  The third time Sarah finally had enough and opened a good- old fashioned can of WHOOP A$$ on the F*KE NEWS FOOL!


“Let me be very clear on this: The fact that you’re basically accusing the president of being complicit in a school Shooting is outrageous!”


If you LOVE Sarah Huckabee Sanders, please SHARE this NOW! The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) will try to hide this!


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