After Reporter Calls Trump’s Doctor A LIAR, WATCH Sarah Ruin His Day

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Wednesday during the White House press briefing, it was another round of jabs and political stunts taken at the President.

Just a day after Navy doctor Ronny Jackson, a rear admiral who actually examined the President and giving him an excellent report across all fronts, the crooked liberal media and press pool, still CANNOT accept the results from the doctor.

Now, the media claims the doctors results are inaccurate and they don’t believe him. Dr. Jackson has been the Presidential physician since 2013, meaning he was Obama and Bush’s doctor too. It’s time to give the conspiracy theories a rest. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the briefing, the first question asked to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was about President Trump’s health. Basically, calling the doctor a liar. Seriously. Just a day after being told the President is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Sarah immediately ruined the reporters day.

The first reporter asked Sarah Sanders, “There have been some suggestions in the media that the President does in fact suffer from heart disease, and his weight is larger than indicated yesterday…does the White House stand by Dr. Jackson’s report?”


Sarah shot back immediately, ABSOLUTELY! Dr. Jackson has been a White House physician for the last 12 years trusted by President Bush, President Obama, and now President Trump. He is the only doctor that has weighed in on this matter and has actually examined the President. I think a doctor who has spent time with the President as Dr. Jackson has, is not only the most qualified, but is the only credible source that comes to diagnosing any heath concerns.
“We support what he said yesterday 100% – that the President is in EXCELLENT HEALTH.”


When will the haters get it? They want to pull every string and card while they are still in denial that President Trump won. It’s time to give it up liberals! Trump won; he is the President. And, he is making America Great Again. Get on board! (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch Sarah below put this “reporter” in his place:

Do you AGREE the press is OUT OF CONTROL? Let us know in the comments below.

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