After Reporter Accuses Trump of Disrespecting Military Families, WATCH Sarah DROP A BOMB!

Image Source: White House video screen shot; edited by Swamp Drain

Wednesday during the White House press briefing, the crooked liberal press was itching in their seats to attack Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with “got-cha questions” about President Trump’s response to four soldiers killed in Niger. (VIDEOS BELOW)

Wednesday morning he tweeted, “Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”

President Trump reached out to the soldier’s family on the phone Tuesday, but he was immediately condemned from Congresswoman Frederica Wilson claiming “he is a sick man!” 

According to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Trump apparently didn’t show respect for the family and told the widow of the fallen soldier that “he knew what he signed up for.” Wilson then took her opportunity to appear on fake news outlets, CNN and MSNBC Wednesday morning, accusing President Trump of being a “sick” and “cold-hearted” man who does not care about military families.

The first video is Rep. Frederica Wilson on “fake news” CNN, the second video is Sarah pushing back against the attacks.


GIMME A BREAK LADY! President Trump has shown the utmost respect to military and vets since he was walking in diapers. (Hence the RESPECT THE FLAG-controversy) (VIDEO BELOW) 

The President’s phone call was accounted by multiple people in the room and they believe that the President was completely respectful and very sympathetic. He expressed the condolences of himself and the rest of the country. President Trump thanked the family for their service, and commended them for having an American hero in their family.

However, the crooked liberal press used Wednesday’s press briefing to throw around biased accusations and attack the President, but press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pushed back defending President Trump.

One of the crooked reporters incited that the context of the phone call was wrong. Sarah shot back saying:

“I’m not going to get into the back and forth. I think that the sentiment of the President was very clear. He took the time to make a call to express his condolences, to thank the family for this individual’s service. And, I think, frankly, it is a disgrace of the media to try to portray an act of kindness like that, and that gesture, and try to make it into something that it isn’t.”

Swamp Drain loves Sarah! Watch her in action handle the crooked liberal press.



Here’s a few words from Twitterverse:



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