After Reporter Accuses Trump Of Collusion, WATCH Sarah Drop The HAMMER!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

As Swamp Drain reported Monday morning, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and business partner Rick Gates surrendered to federal authorities. In addition, former campaign aide George Papadopoulos has been arrested for making false statements to FBI agents. (VIDEO BELOW)

Papadopoulos was a VOLUNTEER who met with the panel one time, however when he attempted to set up meetings between Trump’s campaign and Russians, he was rejected by Trump’s campaign at every turn.

During the White House press briefing on Friday, the crooked liberal press was in full biased attack mode towards President Trump and his administration having complete meltdowns.

One in particular having a meltdown was crybaby, fake tan Jim Acosta from “fake news CNN.” As he pressed press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the Monday’s briefing, it was more than evident his bias was showing and again lost all credibility as a journalist. (VIDEO BELOW)

He proceeded to ask Sarah about George Papadopoulos’ limited role, and a photograph with candidate Trump. Then he took it further with the bias attacks asking, “How is it not collusion when George Papadopoulos is in contact with various people who are promising dirt on Hillary Clinton in a series of events that closely mirrors what occurred with the president’s own son?” How is all of that not collusion?”

Sarah shot back at crybaby Jim explaining that Papadopoulos was a member of a volunteer advisory council that only met once over the course of a year and had no paid role within the campaign. She noted that he was not a senior advisor where Jim Acosta was trying to push and make it seem as if Papadopoulous was a key member on Trump’s campaign. (VIDEO BELOW)

Jim wasn’t satisfied with Sarah’s response and tried to keep pushing more smear tactics toward the Trump campaign but she pushed back harder telling him to ask Papadopoulous himself if he has further questions, as she’s not there to speak on behalf of the thousands of people who volunteered on the campaign.

The real collusion is not with the Trump campaign but with the Clinton’s and the DNC.

**Watch Sarah put Jim in his place below:



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