After Kathy Griffin Snubbed Trump, She IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Kathy Griffin the F-rated- Trump hating comedian was fired from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show after she pulled her unforgettable stunt last summer, and fortunately she didn’t appear alongside Anderson Cooper in Times Square. (VIDEOS BELOW)

However, she sent out a tweet saying, “Thank you for all the kind tweets. Happy New Year! KG,” along with a video. “Please enjoy a personal message from Maggie, puppies and I. I sincerely want to thank all of you who have stuck by me with support, especially since May 30th. You guys have kept me going. I want you to have a better, if not great year ahead,” she tweeted. (SEE BELOW)

But, conservatives and Fox News got the last laugh! Kennedy from Fox News hosted the New Years Eve special with Jesse Watters last night, and came out dressed like Kathy Griffin. She wore a horrific red wig and acted like a clown while making terrible jokes and taking jabs at Anderson Cooper. All in all, it was quite funny. (VIDEOS BELOW)

And Kathy Griffin’s tweet, that quite frankly nobody cares about below:


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