After Jim Mocks Trump’s Anniversary, WATCH Him IMMEDIATELY REGRET IT

Image Source: MAGA Fan Club

Saturday the White House held a short press briefing after the #SchumerShutdown.

Democrats chose the path of obstruction, blocking anything with President Trump’s agenda for their own agenda. American’s should have confidence in the lawmakers, but democrats want to play games, and partisan politics. (VIDEO BELOW)

Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management & Budget Director, and Marc Short Legislative Affairs Director held the briefing explaining the White House’s position over the government shutdown after lawmakers failed to agree on a deal funding the government.

“We will not negotiate the status of 690,000 unlawful immigrants while hundreds of millions of taxpaying Americans, including 100’s of 1000’s of our troops in uniform are held hostage by Senate Democrats,” Marc Short said.

Of course during the briefing, the crooked liberal media sends their finest reporters to the briefing to take jabs yet again at President Trump and his administration. (VIDEO BELOW)

It doesn’t say much for CNN who tirelessly airs fake news and anti-trump bashing 24/7. Additionally, the fact that CNN hasn’t fired Jim Acosta for his behavior, or pulled his press credentials is beyond belief. But, he is their puppet boy who carries out their relentless Trump bashing agenda.

Jim Acosta showed up to the press briefing Saturday while much of America is in shock and infuriated with the democrats political stunt over the government shutdown. You won’t believe it if I told you, but Jim Acosta tried to take yet another jab at President Trump. Are you surprised as me?

As today marks the one year anniversary of the swearing in of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, crybaby Acosta asked, “How does this White House feel to have a shutdown one year after the President was sworn in?” (VIDEO BELOW)

Gee Jim. We hope CNN is paying you well to come in with your prepared attack questions and the smug look on your face ready to ask such a rude question.

“I think it’s disappointing that Congress has chosen to shut down the government and particularity Senate democrats have at the one year anniversary,” said Marc.

Then, Jim interrupts Marc asking him if it reflects the leadership coming out of the White House. (VIDEO BELOW)

Marc Short immediately shut Jim down with COLD, HARD FACTS wiping the grin right off of his spray tan face. Everyday, it seems Jim gets schooled and doesn’t understand basic facts.

Watch Mark Short line up the President’s accomplishments and throw them in Jim and CNN’s face. Something they don’t seem to get.

BOOM! Dems are jealous the President has accomplished more than they ever imagined in his 1st year.

Do you agree with Marc Short? Let us know in the comments below.


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