After Congressman Accuses Tucker Of Endangering American National Security, WATCH ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE

Image Source; Video screen shots; edited by MAGA Fan Club

Friday night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker interviewed and debated Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and things got heated.

Tucker debated the merits of the FISA memo released Friday and the alleged political bias within the FBI and the Department of Justice during the 2016 presidential election.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi both have suggested the memo’s release could endanger national security, however during the segment Carlson claimed was false. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the segment, Swalwell suggested otherwise and accused Carlson of jeopardizing national security.

Then, Tucker let him have it.

Partial Transcript before it gets heated and all hell breaks loose: (VIDEO BELOW)

Tucker started out by asking, “So Congressman, many Democrats including leaders, including Pelosi and Schiff to name two, said the release would jeopardize American national security. That turned out to be a lie, provably, because there was nothing in this that was classified. There was no obvious reason it was classified in the first place. So, why would they tell us that when they knew it wasn’t true?”

Swalwell responded, “You should be concerned about this, too. It does reveal sources. You should read the memo. Just because you knew the sources beforehand because they were reported on doesn’t mean we acknowledge them in ongoing investigation.”

Swalwell dodged Tucker’s question and so, Tucker pressered again, “Please be precise about how it jeopardizes our national security because a lot of us are concerned about doing that and I would never want to play any role in doing that. And that’s why it’s such a serious charge.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Swalwell then told Tucker, “You are playing a role in doing that right now. Because we don’t acknowledge sources in ongoing investigations.”

Then Carlson asked, “What source are you talking about and how does that imperil our country?”

Swalwell responded, “Well, the memo goes to Papadopoulos and Page and others that you only knew about because they were reported on, not because —” 

Tucker then let him have it saying, “I knew because Papadopoulos was indicted and the memo came out today. So, just explain to me how — you just accused me of endangering American national security and I think it’s fair for you to be very precise in explaining how I’m doing that. So please do.”



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