After ATTACKING Trump, Kathy Just Got The WORST News Of Her Life!

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Things are NOT looking very good for Kathy Griffin.

After Kathy Griffin held up a picture of herself holding a severed, bloody head displaying President Trump, the psychotic, liberal “comedian” was thoroughly given hell, by not only Trump supporters, but most of America. Even “very fake news CNN” pulled the plug on her.

Shortly after Griffin’s failed attempt at what she thought was tasteful, she had a public “meltdown,” claiming that President Trump “broke her,” then disappearing back to her fairyland.

Unfortunately, that did not last long. Unhinged Griffin, still broken and apparently can’t keep her mouth shut, decided to stick her two cents in, sending out a negative tweet about President Trump’s tweets, to MSNBC’s liberal Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

However, it appears America and the Secret Service are not convinced with her FAKE apology and her dramatic “poor me, he broke me” episode.

According to Huffington Post writer, Yashar Ali, Kathy Griffin spent over an hour with the Secret Service who talked to her in person. Boom! Clearly, Kathy hasn’t learned her lesson, but this might wake her up. JUSTICE SERVED! (See below)

When coming to attack the President, remember Kathy, he FIGHTS FIRE WITH FIRE!

If Griffin wasn’t actually fully “broken” yet, she might be now.



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