After Anchor Calls Trump A LIAR, WATCH Kellyanne UNLEASH HELL

Image Source: video screen shot

Sunday on the fake news channel, CNN, they aired a show called “Reliable Sources,” with host Brian Stelter. LOL! (VIDEO BELOW)

During the segment, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway interviewed with Brian and utterly DESTROYED him and his network. GO KELLYANNE!

This whole interview is hilarious and Kellyanne won this debate hands down. Throughout the segment, Kellyanne kept pointing out the accomplishments that President Trump and his administration have achieved, while Brian kept trying to interrupt her and change the subject. She called out CNN for their continuous fake news, Trump bashing 24/7, and not covering any positive accomplishments for the American people. Kellyanne explained that America wants to hear the good that the administration is achieving versus the continuous negativity.


Kellyanne Conway said, “CNN used to be a place where people could tune in and get news all day long. Now they get spin and people’s opinions. I think CNN should own it. Why not say it’s in our commercial interest at CNN to be anti-Trump. We’re profitable if we’re against the president, most of our viewers are against the president. Just own it. Don’t you think that would be more profitable for CNN?

Brian tried to come back by saying, “I understand that you don’t want an adversarial media. I guess you just want everybody to be like Fox News, state-run media.”

Conway responded, “That’s not true. Stop being so jealous of Fox News, Brian, and their ratings. I think that would help if you drop the jealousy a little bit about Fox News. The fact is that we need a media that covers the facts.”



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