After A Year Of WINNING, Diamond & Silk Predict YUGE Support On TRUMP TRAIN In 2020!

Image Source: Fox and Friends Screen shot; edited by MAGA Fan Club

Diamond and Silk, the Trump supporting duo appeared on Fox and Friends Saturday morning, making their predictions for 2018 and beyond. (VIDEO BELOW)

These women are a brave light for those who cannot speak out because they’re either bullied or labeled as “sell outs” for choosing to support President Trump.

“We do predict that more African Americans are on the Trump Train and are going to be voting for Donald J. Trump in 2020.”

Diamond and Silk listed a few of their predictions naming off how the democrats didn’t mold President Trump, and they can’t break him. They continued saying that if Jeff Sessions doesn’t come back from “sessions,” that he is going to be fired, and Nancy Pelosi will be eating her words after the Tax Bill passed and nobody has died. (VIDEO BELOW)

The duo praised President Trump saying that prosperity will rein on America like we’ve never seen before.

They blasted the obstructing democrats saying that if they want DACA, they have to pay for The Wall, and it’s going up whether democrats like it or not. And, while they were on a roll, Diamond and Silk took a shot at Republicans who fold like paper and don’t get behind the President. They urged them [Republicans] to get behind President Trump and his agenda, due to the fact of the overwhelming majority who voted for Trump.

There’s no doubt more will come out and vote for President Trump in 2020. There are many who didn’t vote for him in 2016 because of all the lies and fear mongering of the left that people now realize was untrue. In turn, President Trump will get a significant vote from the left, and you will see the democrat party throw that entire voting block under the bus. (VIDEO BELOW)

Diamond and Silk are right on the money. You’re either on the Trump Train or you’re not. But, we predict that more people will stand with President Trump. If the left would stop manufacturing racism, it would be more visible to people that this country is on the right track with everyone. This must have the democrats shaking in their shoes.

What are your 2018 predictions? Let us know in the comments below.


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