100,000 RVSP For Trump-Cruz Rally As Trump Campaign Takes Extraordinary Steps To Satisfy Demand


The liberals mocked Trump when he said he was going to hold a huge rally for Ted Cruz in Texas in the biggest venue they could find.

After changing venues to a larger arena, one that can fit at least 19,000 people, the Trump campaign saw interest surge to over 77,000 RSVP’s.

And now they are announcing they have received an astounding 100,000 RSVP’s to this amazing event and they are taking extraordinary steps to satisfy the demand.

From The Washington Times:

President Trump journeys to Houston on Monday for a yet another “Make America Great Again” rally in a local arena that can accommodate 18,000 Texas fans.

It’s not big enough for Lone Star enthusiasm — prompting the Trump campaign to throw a “Big Texas Tailgater” party for the overflow crowd.

“With requests for tickets exceeding over 100,000 online, the Trump Campaign has organized a tailgater to take place in the afternoon leading up to the rally starting at 6:30 p.m. CT. The tailgater will feature food trucks, live music courtesy of the Marcus Eldridge Band and the Will Carter Band, appearances by Trump Campaign spokespeople, big screens to see President Trump’s speech, and more,” the campaign revealed in a statement.

“The excitement at this Trump rally will be as big as Texas — it’s going to be epic,” predicts Michael Glassner, CEO of the Trump campaign.

But that’s not all according to Breitbart, fans are camping out.

President Donald Trump’s supporters began lining up and camping out 24 hours before Monday’s rally in Houston, Texas, which has received at least 100,000 signups for the 18,000-person venue.

Television crews arrived around 4:00 a.m. local time Monday outside of the venue where President Trump will speak Monday night. The Fox News reporter stated they had seen the line grow throughout the hours

“Trump supporters are already lined up for blocks in Downtown Houston. Excuse the grainy phone photos taken mid-uber, but it’s already pretty active and multiple streets are blocked off by police ahead of tomorrow’s rally.”


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